An Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain

By | July 16, 2017

Many athletes suffer from chronic knee pain. On a day to day basis, the pain never seems to get better, but always seems to get worse. There are various types of knee exercises that individuals try to keep their knees conditioned and strong. Unfortunately, these exercises are most likely serving no purpose.

The problem with the knee pain is that athletes believe that knee pain in locally centralized in the knee itself and that it can be healed through routine exercises. However, this is not the truth. The leg is composed of three parts ( the hip, knee, and ankle) and in between these three sections is a multitude of different muscles and tendons. The source of knee pain usually lies somewhere within these areas.

chronic knee painFortunately, there is one book on the market that can save many athletes years of wasting time on useless training methods. this book is a text that explains to readers the truth and misconceptions about chronic knee pain. Your knees might not be working correctly now, but, that does not mean they always have to.

About this guide

This guide promotes the idea that the hips and the knees are all related to the feet and an athlete can learn to work around those bad knees. The body needs to be retrained to use the hips and the feet together instead of all three portions of the leg. This may sound a little strange, but, in the end this will create better athleticism.
Purchasing An Athlete’s Guide will be the best book an athlete could buy. This guide promotes slow and safe progression into new exercises that will train the legs to work in a new way that is less harsh on the knee. You do not have to constantly stress over your bad knees for the rest of your life. The cure to knee pain is in this book.

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