Best Tips and Tricks for Reducing Weight

By | March 16, 2019

Weight gain is becoming a major issue in our time. People everywhere are affected by obesity and the various health issues that are associated with it. People are affected by heart diseases and other health issues such as diabetes and even certain cancers for that matter. Following a proper diet, exercising regularly and keeping oneself physically active in general can help one tackle the issues associated with having excessive weight. Following are some of the great ways to reduce weight:

Ways for reducing weight

1. Cut down sugar and starches

The main benefit of cutting down sugar is that it manages to lower your hunger level, as a result of which you end up eating less and consuming fewer calories. By cutting down your starch consumption, which mainly consists of carbohydrates, your body starts feeding on the fat that is stored in different parts of the body which results in one losing weight.

2. Lift weights

Lifting weights helps the body in burning a lot of calories and prevents the metabolism from slowing down. If lifting weights is not your cup of tea, you can make up for it by doing any cardio workout such as running, walking, cycling and swimming.

3. Manage your portions

One also needs to manage the portions that they eat. Though, if you are keeping your carbohydrate consumption very low and sticking to low-carbohydrate vegetables, proteins, and fats, then it shouldn’t be a matter of concern. One should aim to keep his/her carbohydrate consumption between 20-50 grams per day and achieve the rest of the calories from proteins and fats.

4. Get regular exercise

Nothing beats exercising regularly when it comes to losing weight as it helps in burning any unnecessary fat that gets stored on the body.

5. Drink water before meals

Drinking water before having any meal will make you feel slightly filled up which will result in you eating less.

6. Have a high-protein breakfast

Having a breakfast high in protein has been shown to keep cravings at bay and reduce the number of calories consumed by a person throughout the day.

7. Aim getting 7-8 hours of sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the foremost reasons for weight gain, so enough sleep is very important.

8. Eat more high-fibre foods

Soluble fibres have been shown to reduce fat in various studies.

9. Avoid drinking sugary drinks

These drinks carry maximum sugar, even more than any other solid sweet foods that you can think of which makes them very fattening.

10. Eat whole foods and avoid any processed stuff

Whole foods are much healthier and keep you satiated for long which can help keep you from overeating

11. Eat food slowly

Since it takes the brain some time to actually realize that the stomach is full, eating slowly will help you prevent overeating, which would otherwise cause you to gain weight.

12. Keep healthy snacks in your house

Keeping your home well-stocked with healthy snacks is another great ways of to reduce weight since every time you’re feeling hungry and are looking for something to eat, you will always grab something healthy instead of eating some highly processed stuff, thereby further cutting down your chances of gaining weight. Some examples are – fruits, nuts, vegetables, and yogurt.

13. Keep yourself well hydrated

Most of the times when we are feeling hungry, it is not actually hunger but thirst that is tricking us into believing that we need to eat something.

14. Drink coffee

Caffeine intake helps in weight-loss by increasing the energy levels of a person, thereby encouraging him/her to participate in more physical activities. The caffeine in coffee also boosts metabolism and reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

15. Keep refined carbs consumption to a minimum

Refined carbs are those types of carbohydrates that have most of their fibre and nutritional content removed and are in no way beneficial to one’s health.

16. Practice intermittent fasting

It is a method of eating that involves switching between periods of fasting and eating. Under this practice, one eats fewer calories in general.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks can be followed to be successful with your weight loss journey and to improve your overall well-being. One needs to be consistent with their actions to see results.

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