Lottery Online Sites

There are several options for playing lottery online. The best sites are licensed, secure, and offer a variety of games. They also have promotions and discounts. You can compare jackpots, purchase tickets, and more.

Most states allow players to access the results of a drawing through their official websites. This eliminates the middleman, saves you money, and increases your odds of winning. Some lotteries allow players to play the same numbers repeatedly.

In addition to these games, some lottery websites also offer keno and scratchcards. These online games are regulated by the state gaming authority and offer secure payment methods.

Several lottery games are available on the Michigan Lottery website. Some features include a trend tracker, a raffles section, and several draw results. It also offers an assortment of instant win scratchcards.

New Hampshire was the first state to offer lottery. The site has an online sportsbook, as well as a menu for betting on other sports. Players can also search for lottery locations in other states.

The Powerball is available in 45 US states. The draws occur at 10:59pm ET on Mondays. Tickets cost $1. One hundred tickets are sold at a time. A winner can choose five numbers from 1 to 69.

Mega Millions is another big lottery. Tickets cost $1 and the top prize is up to $200,000. If you’re unsure how to play, you can use the Easy Pick option. Choose three numbers and your odds of winning are 1 in 37.