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The Singapore Lottery is a lottery run by Singapore Pools, the only legal lottery operator in Singapore. If you are interested in playing the lottery in Singapore, you may want to learn more about the rules and regulations. You can also find out more about how to play the lottery online. There are many benefits to playing the Singapore Lottery.

The lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Singapore. It is completely legal and is run by Singapore Pools, a government-owned gambling corporation. The chances of winning the lottery depend on which number combinations are drawn. The first prize is worth the most money, while the second prize pays out the least.

Singapore Pools encourages its residents to gamble responsibly and within the law. They warn players not to borrow money to gamble or wager beyond their means. The lottery also has age restrictions. If you are under the age of 21, you cannot play the 4D Lottery. However, if you are above 21, you can still play the lottery.

Players can place their wagers online or over the phone. There are also Singapore Pools outlets where players can check their results.