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The Singapore Lottery is the only legal lottery in Singapore. It offers great odds and the chance to win big. Players can buy their own tickets or have numbers generated by the lottery system. Purchasing multiple tickets increases your chances of winning.

In addition to winning prizes, you can also enjoy the thrill of playing in the live draw. Toto and 4D are two of the most popular games in the country. Both have low entry fees and offer a fun, competitive experience.

Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, the company behind the lottery, is the only operator allowed to run lotteries in the country. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tote Board.

The company is responsible for running the Singapore Toto Lotto and 99JITU TOTO. These lottery forms were first released in 1968 and are now legally operated in the country.

A ticket costs a few dollars and the winnings can be distributed to certified payout locations. Tickets can be bought at the Singapore Pools main branch and other authorized retailers.

Tickets are also available for purchase online. There are several safe and secure sites to choose from. Choosing the best site is important. You should consider if the site you are choosing has a good reputation.

You can check out the latest Singapore lottery results on the official website. This site also publishes the rules and winnings numbers. If you want more information, you can chat with an expert.