7 Great Ways On How To Make A Man To Respect You

By | July 16, 2017

Have you for years tried hundreds of tricks on how to make a man respect you with no major breakthrough? Well, respect has and will never be given, but earned. The following is a rundown of great tips on how to make him respect and take you seriously. Try a number of them today and you will be surprised on what you can net in the long run.

how to make a man respect you

Respect yourself

Want to earn respect from others? Well, respect yourself and others will learn to respect you. When you look around, it is evident, men love and respect women who respect and love themselves. Do not make any kinds of disrespectful choices when dealing with people you meet. Moreover, you can teach your man on how to treat you. If you know your real worth, do not take anything less than that.

Be very honest and stand up for what you believe in

With the way things currently stand, true honesty is extremely difficult to come by. If you want to earn that respect from man, be very honest even if you know he won’t like what you have to say. As if that is not even enough; when you have a fight or disagree, clearly, you need to stand up for yourself. Do anything and you defend what you believe in if you know you are right; do not be a pushover.

Be proactive

As a woman who wants to be respected by her man, you need to be relentlessly proactive. Do not be lazy and you wait for your man to give directions. It is prudent you use your own resources and skills and you start getting things done. Be a problem solver and at no time should you be a afraid to take new challenges.

Be open minded

Being open- minded, for sure, is not very complicated. Listen to what he has to say. As if that is not even enough; it is essential you acknowledge that you still have tons and tons of things to learn even if you have one of the strongest belief systems. Moreover, be a very good listener.

Keep promises and commitments

Keeping a promise, without any question, is one of the most important actions you can do to start earning respect. Just like what you would want others to do to you, always honor promises and other commitments.

Beauty is not the real thing

For years, there have been a lot of misconceptions that looking pretty can make a man respect you. When it comes to being respected, at the end, beauty plays a very insignificant role. However, being yourself, having positive attitude and dressing appropriately can in way make a man respect you.

Make him aware of your ambitions

When it comes to how to make a man respect you, from the word go, make sure he knows that you also have your own life goals and you are not ready to compromise. Do not hide what you want to be simply because you are not sure of what he will say; men love ambitions and goals. However, make sure you are original and the goals are really yours.

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