How To Have A Relationship With A Man

By | July 16, 2017

You have a relationship with a man who really adores you. Things are just all right and then all over sudden, he hits you with a wham. Your guy tells you he is not happy about the relationship then leaves just like that. What could have gone wrong to make the man you were so in love with leave you?

Why Do Men Leave Women They Love?

Emotional overwhelma relationship with a man may create lots of intense and issues that are emotional. If these emotions build up continuously, to a certain extent they explode in a more destructive way. It can be termed as the fault of a man or maybe the woman. Surely, a mature guy needs to be supportive and source of stability in the relationship. When he cannot handle all the sorts of emotions that come his way while in a relationship, then a sudden breakup is bound to happen.

Fear of Losing Freedom – do you ever give a deeper thinking to why a man commits to his woman? How does your guy feel late about your relationship? Well, if you are having more of negative than positive interactions in your relationship, the man will start asking questions. However, if it goes on like that, he will think of an alternative way out.

But if everything is calm, you are in a relationship with a man and it is fun, emotionally healthy, intimate and also positive, he will not hesitate to continue devoting himself to you. It is up to you to set this positive emotion in your courtship.

Beautiful young couple having fun on the seaside

Beautiful young couple having fun on the seaside

Why Men Need to Take Charge of Their Relationships

Women Look for Confidence – in a relationship, the man should be the one to take a lead and that way, the woman will see her guy as someone who is confident. A woman will love and count on a man who is confident more than any other man. You will earn her respect if you step up, take the lead and control of that relationship.

Builds emotional muscle – the man has to be in a position to tackle all the important topics as well as crucial matters to a successful and happy relationship. When the man is in control, the lady feels protected and can offer even more love. The emotional muscle is strengthened in the heart of a woman when the partner acts as the man. No woman would want to date a weak man because that can make her feel as if they are two women in a relationship.

Why women stick to relationships with controlling men

What’s the reason behind those women who opt to stay in relationships with men who pins them down? Why would she even accept to be blackmailed emotionally by the partner? These happen because of so many reasons. However, never jump into conclusion as this is a common thing that happens to many women.

Here are some of the bad reasons:

– The men can be absolutely charming

What’s for sure is that no woman fell in love without any good reason. The man you date can be romantic or charming. Most men do say things that women want to hear. At times he entices you with a vulnerability that undoubtedly melts your heart. After a fight, he apologizes and brings nice flowers and makes lots of promises. Men try by all means to say things that make a woman want to give them another chance.

– The woman may feel she does not deserve any better treatment

The woman might have been brought up in a bad family, where she was told she was incompetent, ugly or maybe not good. Maybe she was told by the father that she would find love when she grows up. Perhaps, you never attracted or interested any boy during your time in high school. Because of these reasons, a woman may opt to stay in a relationship even when her man is controlling and mistreating her.

– The man may be scaring and manipulating her woman

When a woman tries to leave a controlling man, some threaten to either hurt them or the kids and because you love your kids so much, you stay. Sometimes the man beats a woman and locks her in a room. The woman will just stay and do all the possible things to prevent being beaten or making any mistakes again.

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