Joshua Pellicer’s Tao Of Badass Review

By | July 16, 2017

the tao of badassNot a lot of men are very good when it comes to meeting new people, let alone girls. This is why for those who have been struggling with their ability to meet women and build rapport and maybe establishes a relationship with the the tao of badass is one resource that they would certainly find very helpful. This is a book that will help guide men achieve better when it comes to the arena of dating.

Introduction to the Tao of Badass book

The book is authored by Joshua Pellicer, and is considered to be the bestselling guide to picking up women. What Pellicer has created is a guide to mastering the art of seduction so guys will no longer have to continually struggle in the dating game. While not many are willing to admit it, it is a fact that not every single guy out there has confidence enough to approach a woman, strike up a conversation, and maybe tell her he is interested.

Pellicer’s tao system of badass is a book that is not just some spin of one writer’s imagination. After all, Pellicer is a well-known dating coach. The guide will delve on teaching seduction techniques and tips that should help make men more irresistible to the women that they are interested in. The book is very popular, and this review will delve into the reasons why.

It is a fact that not every guy can pull off hooking up with any woman that they fancy. There are some that are clearly up there when it comes to their dating and seduction game. But there are a lot of women who are not even able to get past striking up a conversation. This is something that Pellicer has mastered thanks to his experiencing in the dating arena for four years now. His dating guide is designed for men, a book that has since become a real force to be reckoned with when it comes to approaching and dating women.

What are tips or approaches inside the book?

There are some approaches that Pellicer uses when it comes to attracting and then dating women, the dating guide that he has created summarized all these. It advocates on the importance of originality when it comes to speaking to women and making sure that you are presenting yourself the way you are. Not a lot of men do this thinking that getting them propped up will score them points. It will if they are telling the truth. But if they are just talking big for the sake of talking big, things can easily fall appear quite easily.

the tao of badassThe tao of badass guide also advocates on the importance of creating humor. It is often a lot easier from there when a guy has made the girl he is interested in to laugh. It is the icebreaker, after all. If you have been trying to get a girl to laugh and you are failing miserably, then it is certainly one of those signs that glaringly tell how you will likely not be able to go very far with her.

Pellicer also advocates son the importance of mystery. Girls certainly like guys that have this air of mystery to them, as if there is something that they need to figure out more about them. Of course, it is necessary for you to have to tell the girl some of the detail of your life. But the key is to know what things you should keep to yourself. This will create interest in her and curiosity to get to know you more and to know what makes you tick.

He also advocates on how to talk around women. Some guys may fail to observe this, but women tend to be more social when compared to men. Girls do love to be around people. This is why if you are a guy who is trying to earn a certain woman’s affection, being able to learn how to socialize with her and to talk to people around her is going to score you big brownie points.

Does the tao of badass book work or not?

the tao of badass free ebookThe book is going to be a useful guy you any decent guy who wants to draw the interest and the attention of the ladies. This is going to help make it easier for men to be better at picking up the hottest chicks. It is a fact that women and men do tend to think quite differently from each other. It is a fact too that men just do not have a clue to what are on women’s minds. This is why this guide is going to be very helpful as it helps make it easier for men to attract any women while at the same time, get a good idea of what they are thinking to make sure that there is going to be effective communication between them.

This is a resource that is not limited to only those gentlemen that are still in the dating game. It is as helpful to the guys that are already in a relationship as well. This is especially helpful for those who are in relationships but seem not to be getting what it is that they want from their women. This is a very helpful guide for those men that have constantly been rejected too. Of you have been trying but is continually failing to attract beautiful girls, then this is just the right reading material for you.

What will you get from the tao of badass program?

The tao of badass program is packaged as an e-book along with numerous audio tips and training videos. People who wish to get a direct coaching with the author can choose to do so though this can be quite pricey. The book is made up of 152 pages that are divided into ten modules.

Once signed up for the program, you will be able to enjoy the numerous tools that are present in the program. There are numerous video lessons for the interested gentleman to learn that will make sure that his performance when it comes to meeting women and picking them up and conversing with them will be more effective than ever. With this book, a gentleman can truly become a Tao of Badass in the dating game.

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