How To Save My Marriage and Prevent Rocky Marriage From Falling Apart

By | July 16, 2017

If you are asking yourself, “How to save my marriage?” then only you can save your marriage. When the marriage of a couple is experiencing problems and is likely to fail, they usually turn towards family, friends and marriage counselors for advice. They feel that if they call on the experts then it may actually save their failing union. However, the truth is that traditional approach like marriage counseling are rarely effective in mending a broken marriage because they rarely focus on doing but are about more listening.

Leadership is crucial to mend a broken marriage and sometimes even the most unconventional steps can make the difference between living happily together and getting divorced.

Take the first step

Most people think that they cannot fix their marriage unless their spouse works with them. However, the truth is that you can still tango even on your own. The effort of either of the spouses can change the momentum of the marriage, and it is very likely that that the effort will impel the stubborn spouse to also make an effort to save the relationship.

Ask the right question

Many people wonder whether they even married the right person, but that question itself is wrong, especially when If you are wondering, “How to save my marriage?” Finding the right person is not the key to a successful marriage, rather the key is to learn to love the person that you are married to. Love is not as complicated as people believe it to be. Just like the physical laws of the universe, a relationship also has its laws that govern the outcome of a marriage, depending on the behavior of both or either spouse.

Parting ways will do no good

Sure, perhaps absence can make the hearts of two young lovers or boyfriends and girlfriends grow fonder for each other. However, that is not the case when it comes to marriage, especially a marriage that is on the rocks. In such cases, absence or parting ways can separate the couple. If the relationship really matters, then whole idea is to try to achieve closeness rather than creating distance.

There is no point in talking about problems

In a marriage, talking about problems can actually only make them worse rather than resolving them. In fact, it can lead to arguments and quarrels. The saying that actions speak louder than words really applies to saving a broken marriage. If marital problems are the cause behind the failing marriage, they can only be resolved by making new choices rather than having discussions about them.

Marriage counseling is not the answer

In most situations where a broken marriage needs to be mended, marriage counseling rarely works. The success rate is quite dreary. According to reports, most couples end up feeling worse after turning to marriage counseling as a last resort. Many couples even complain that they got nowhere despite spending months in marriage counseling. As mentioned, marriage counseling is more about talking and talking, while there is barely any tangle practical advice that can be easily understood and implemented to save the marriage from falling apart.

Save your marriage today

how to save my marriageAs mentioned, if you are asking yourself, “How to save my marriage?” then indeed only you can save your marriage from failing and falling apart. However, that does not mean the right advice will not help. The problem with most marriage counselors is that you might not get the right advance about your marriage problems.

However, would not it make sense and sound good if you could receive the advice that could help you achieve your desired outcome. It would probably be even better if you did not even have to spend $120 or more per hour to consult a marriage counselor. Well, Amy Waterman’s book, “Save My Marriage Today!” which is at a fraction of the price might actually help you do precisely what the title states.


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