What Do Women Want From Men And Vice Versa

By | July 16, 2017

Love is the reason why all men and women are trying to satisfy themselves, but that does not mean that they have same wishes and same needs.

Despite men and women are very similar they are very different in the same time. They have the different perspective on life especially on things which are part of a relationship.

Man with the word sex in his head and woman have a heart representing love in her head. Conceptual vector illustration for different wants and desire between man and woman in relationship.

Man with the word sex in his head and woman have a heart representing love in her head. Conceptual vector illustration for different wants and desire between man and woman in relationship.

There are many studies which have already tried to understand what men and women really want from their relationships and from their partners but, however, there still no specific results found.

What Do Women Want?

In this post, we bring you the things men and women want from our perspective. First of we will start with – What do women want?


Who does not like to have an honest and open relationship? That is the beauty of the relationship! When you have a partner who is not shy to admit that he was wrong and to apologize. Many men think that women are attracted to bad boys, but they are not completely correct.

In the world, there are both loyal men and loyal women and also unloyal men and unloyal women. This is the same story when it comes about honesty and honesty.
Every normal person will love to have an honest partner beside whom she can trust with all of her heart.

Young happy white handsome couple hugging tightly


This seemingly simple request is based more on deeds than words. A devoted man respects the time that he shares with his loved one; he respects her work, friends, and family. Women in relationships forget egoism, and for them most important is the feeling that their partner is committed.

Good Sex

Women’s definition of good sex is not quantity but quality. Most women state that if the sex is different every time they are more likely to ask for more. For women spontaneity, is an important part of sexual life, so if you pressure them the chances of you getting rejected are quite big.


If you think humor is not important when you try to attract a woman then you are terribly wrong. Women love to be beside a man who has the great sense of humor. If you are cold, uninterested and boring women will fade away for sure. On the other hand, if you tell jokes and you make them laugh women will love to be in your company.


All men and women want to hear compliments from their partners, but they kind of like to receive them in different ways. Women want a guy who is gentle and kind with his compliments.
They like to be “fueled” with compliments day in and day out. They believe that compliments build their confidence and make them feel they are worth.


Women are irresistible to men who have the strong will and strong character. Mainly all women want to be beside a man who will protect them and who will want to step up when the couple goes through some hard period.

On the other hand, women hate to see a guy who shies and fears to solve a problem and instead leaves it on the woman.

What Do Men Want?

Now that we revealed what did women want we will continue with – What do men want?


Although sex is not always most important for them, it is much above on their list of wishes. They want sex all the time, spontaneous or planned. The thought of sex always makes men happy; it helps to relax and to forget about problems and stress. Sex for men is an activity that the brain experiences as a reward. In the same time, their partner is typical proof of love and intimacy.

Honesty and Loyalty

Portrait of young romantic heterosexual couple over black background

Honesty and Loyalty are to very important segments that will answer the question What Do Men want?

Men admire women who are not shy to tell the truth each and every time no matter is it good or bad. If a man has a strong character, he will want to hear the truth despite it may hurt. Cheating and lying are two characteristics of a bad woman and those are often described as “women for one night.”

Loyalty is a puzzle plus to the art named what do men want?
Loyalty is what is fading away more and more these days. Mainly there are many cheatings between men and women and there’s definitely less trust in every relationship. That is why men are often more skeptic when it comes to finding their soulmate and partner. If you are honest and loyal to your partners, then you can definitely be placed into “few of a kind” group of partners.

Trust and Freedom

The majority of men appreciate the sense of freedom – when the other side does not have too many questions, checkings, excessive jealousy and attempts of some bans. By limiting his free time, you will contribute to building a negative counter effect of boredom in your relationship. Trusting your man and keeping your jealousy for yourself is the real deal.
If your partner is a guy who constantly shows love, buys you flowers or calls you all the time then you should not worry about a thing. Even if he is not this type of guy, you do not need to picture him with another girl cheating on you. Building trust in the relationship should be aimed at the beginning because that is what every man wants.


All men want to earn respect from their woman. Showing them that you know who is the head of the family is something that every man wants. If women want to have their hero who will be here in good and bad, men want to feel like e superhero who can protect his loved once. Apologizing and understanding are two powerful tools to show how much you care and how much important is your partner.

Woman with character

Men are attracted to women with strong characters, women who have good jobs, are great mothers and respect their partner’s family. The trend of women who go in a club despite they are 40-year-old is just something that is not understandable. A woman who knows what she wants and has the family placed first before her desires are the perfect one in every man’s eyes.

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