What Men Secretly Want Review – The Respect Principle

By | July 16, 2017

what-men-secretly-wantOne of most common questions we women ask ourselves regarding men is what man secretly want? It is probably similar to their question what do we want, but are answers to these dilemmas similar? You probably already heard that philosophy of our differences, we are from two different planets, Mars and Venus. If that is the truth, how can we ever comprehend what do they really want? So, let’s think about that for instance. Are they really some strange creatures? If so, and they really think like they are not from this planet, what men secretly want? I do not think it is quite like that. After all, we are all humans, and it should not be some science to figure them out.

Why are men so different from us?

Did you ever have a situation in your relationship when you were so upset because it seemed like he did not pay attention to what you were saying? Alternatively, when you wanted to talk about your feelings, he wanted to avoid it at any cost. Moreover, let’s not start with the time when you needed to talk about some problem you had, but he just looked at you and didn’t even want to tell anything. It is probably quite the opposite from our philosophy since we have that need to discuss everything. However, why is it like that? If people have some problem, the best way is to talk about that, right? Well, it depends on. Some experts in that field claim that men do not really want to talk about their emotions because that makes them feel vulnerable. Also, they are most likely to repress some things that bother them. Maybe this is because they are used to do this since many women except them to be the stronger gender in a relationship. Or is it because of the overall social environment that puts certain expectations from man and woman? For some, it is more normal to see a woman who cries than a man because they will think he is weak. I am not saying it is like that with everyone, but this is just one of possible stereotypes. And if it is like that, is it really strange that man behave differently?

Still, there are some basic things that man in generally want from their woman. And remember, these expectations are not the same for a woman they consider to be the only one-night stand party, but for one they really enjoy spending their time with. It is not a lie when I say that every man will turn around when he sees an attractive woman on a street. However, it does not mean he will want to have a serious relationship with her. There are some traits that provide us with an answer to a question what men secretly want.

Characteristics that guy love in woman

What Men Secretly Want The Respect Principle

These are some things man want from a woman they want to have a relationship with, and it has nothing to do with her looks. These are characteristics important to them:

1. Personality

I am not implying that a guy will not modest your look at all. Physical attractiveness is something important since you need to have chemistry. But it does not mean that he will want more to be with some woman that is prettier than you are. Let’s be honest, there are many beautiful women out there. However, that is far from being enough for a long lasting relationship, and it is certainly not what men secretly want. Your charisma is really important. It is something that will make your man want to stick around with you. So, girls, the looks can attract him at her sight, but it is important to offer something besides that.

2. Modesty

There doesn’t exist a single man who loves when a girl is conceited. When he is with someone who never thinks about other ones but only herself, it does not really takes much time for him to realize that. Guys love when a girl is not selfish but compassionate with other people in a way that doesn’t compromise her. By that I want to stress they don’t want some angel who will go to bankruptcy in order to give all they have to the less unfortunate, but still she won’t be cold, selfish and think only about herself.

3. Ambition

Man love when a girl has her own ambition, plans and knows what she wants. Nobody wants you just to focus on him. Besides, if he becomes all you want and need, there won’t be any good result. He will get tired of you, and you cannot be happy if you do not have your own identity. So, if you thought that man want girls just to look after them and follow them like some abandoned puppies, you are mistaken. Be yourself and he will be amazed how he managed to find such a girl.

get-the-respect-principle-what-men-secretly-want-ebook4. Respect

Just like us, respect is one of the answers to what men secretly want. If you cannot respect someone, you also can’t love that person. Moreover, if you do not respect him, there is no way you can hide it. Respect means that you trust him and don’t make any silly jealous scenes without any reason. If he has friends, it does not mean that he will cheat you. If you constantly like to party (not that there is anything else with going out with your friends) and like to post some pictures of you and other guys you met (and this is something he definitely won’t like if he respects himself), you can’t expect him to be with you.

5. Commitment

Every guy wanted to feel important and loved, even if he acts all macho and thinks he has to be the stronger gender. Like I already mentioned, it is usually expected from guys to act that way. Because of this, it is harder for them to talk about their feelings. But still, don’t be afraid to show your affection, hold your hand and hug him when you want to. Also, he will appreciate when you spend your time with him. For example, you do not have to go out with your girls every night, ask him to join you or organize one romantic night and cook something special for him.

6. Understanding

If you have some disagreement, feel free to talk to him. But, you need to pay attention in which way you do that. Don’t yell at him and call him insensitive. Explain him what do you think and try to find a solution. It is normal not to have the same opinion, you are two people with their own personalities. Guy appreciate when you want to make an effort in your relationship, and you will see that by his attitude.

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