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Samsung is a South Korean company that produces many different products. They are especially known for their mobile phones, tablets, televisions and white goods that constantly combine unique design and hardware. Samsung was founded way back in 1938, and it quickly became one of the leaders in several markets due to its innovative thinking and unique products. The company is one of the leaders in the market for handheld devices, such as smartphones, phablets and tablets, and they themselves develop many of the technologies that find their way into their products. Samsung’s vision is that they will inspire the world and create innovative products through new technology, innovative products and creative solutions. This steely vision has resulted in every third television in the Nordic region being a Samsung, while the Samsung brand itself is the world’s fastest growing brand. Samsung launched, in collaboration with Oculus, Samsung Gear VR in 2014, and it was one of the first products to make virtual reality technology available to the average consumer. Along with their Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones, Gear VR quickly became popular and Gear VR continues to win big roses all over the world. If you are missing a good electronic product, then Samsung is a safe and good choice.