The Best Ways to Make a Man Feel Really Loved

By | July 16, 2017

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There are different types of men. And although they may be different from each other, all are created equal when it comes to how they want to be loved. Whatever kind of man you have in your life, these things will surely win his approval and his heart:

Smiling hipster couple in love woman embraces a man in sunny day

Smiling hipster couple in love woman embraces a man in sunny day

The Little Things

More than once in a while, do the sweet little things you do for your man and be surprised at how much he will be pleased with them. Whether it be leaving your man a note saying breakfast is waiting for them when they wake up or giving your man’s mother a gift when he brings you home to meet his family, he would fondly take notice. While these do not take much, they could go a long way in creating significant milestones in your relationship with your man. They say it is the little things that count, and they are what reminds a man that he is indeed with the right woman.

Give Them Their Own Time and Space

Men need space and time on their own. This should not at all mean that they shun your company during these times, but see these as the time your man needs to replenish himself and get some inspiration to do better for himself, for you, and generally do better in life. This need of your man to spend time by himself are prehistoric remnants of the caveman in him that has to take time away from his kin on hunting trips only to come back with a catch to feed his tribe. Similarly, today, although your man does not take a spear or a pack of hunting dogs with him, he allots time and space alone to put things in perspective. Give him this period alone and show him that you trust him and are not afraid when he is somewhere without your prying eyes.

Watch him honor this trust by coming back from an alone time a more focused and caring individual. The right man pays back belief given to him by staying faithful and true to his partner.

Burning Passion

How do men want to be loved? Men want to be loved with a passion that burns them up with desire every time they think about the love they share with their woman. Yes, be his reliable better half, but do not forget to be his fantasy: his goddess that drives him wild, his tigress in between the sheets. Don’t be afraid to let loose and take the reins of sexual control. Men are actually turned on by a woman who knows how to turn on the heat. Just be careful that you do not take it too far. Be conscious of how your man responds to your actions and be sensitive of what he wants in the bedroom. Openly talk about how you want the deed done and don’t be afraid to mix things up a little like giving your man a surprise nookie when he is not expecting it.

Although men and women tick differently when it comes to sex, remember that men are almost always ready to go and he’ll be delighted to know that you are able to match his sexual energy when he wants it.

Don’t Hate. Appreciate.

A big symptom that you are loved is being shown some appreciation. So instead of focusing on the man he is not, focus on the man he is and fully appreciate that. It might well end up that your man strives to be better because of the encouraging appreciation you shower on him. This may be challenging sometimes, but stick to the plan and you will be rewarded for your patience and consideration by being appreciated yourself.

Lovely couple in love tenderness winter day

Lovely couple in love tenderness winter day

Have Discussions, Not Fights

Ladies, if you have even once asked yourselves: How do men want to be loved? Your inner voice may have answered with something like: They want to be loved with a tenderness that tames even the wildest of men.

Misunderstandings and mix-ups are normal and inevitable in any relationship. But what we can have under control is how we treat these challenges. Show your love for your man by having discussions as opposed to fights. Approach the situation with a calm demeanor and show your man that anything can be discussed, and no issue can defeat you both. Your patience will shine through and no matter how daunting, the both of you can overcome anything that will threaten to erase your love for each other.

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