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Google releases free backup solution for both Android and iPhone

Google releases free backup solution for both Android and iPhone

by adminAugust 1, 2020

The Google One app will in future be able to back up content on your phone, whether they are One members or not. The opportunity also comes to iOS users.

Google is now launching a separate feature to back up photos, videos, contacts and calendar entries on iPhone.

The content is stored in your Google Account, thus sharing the space with any other content you may have in Google Drive and Gmail.

Free users have 15 GB of storage with Google, which is possibly a bit thin if you are going to store thousands of photos and videos, but at least more than Apple’s 5 GB with free iCloud storage.

Mostly for photos and video

However, iOS users will not be able to back up device settings, apps and the like – this will still have to be in iCloud, but one can for example imagine a solution where you save space in iCloud and put it on Google’s servers instead.

Google thus makes a feature that was previously reserved for paying Google One users available to everyone, both on Android and iOS. The backup solution is part of the Google One app, and thus available wherever Google One is available.

Unlimited photo storage

Google also offers an annual subscription where you get two months for free, and they also allow users to store unlimited images in up to 16 megapixel resolution (albeit compressed) in Google Photos. Only full size images (called Original) count towards the data quota.

They also announce that they are launching a new storage overview in the Google One app and online.

Here you should be able to easily see what you are using your storage space for, and the tool will also help you delete files you no longer use or need.

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