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By | July 16, 2017

F4X is short for Focus4 Exercise Protocol, the revolutionary “new” (but actually really Old School) system that Steve Holman and his wife Becky distilled and compiled into a short, to the point ebook that can help you take charge of your ageing body. Steve spent over thirty years as editor-in-chief of the well-known and respected across the fitness community Iron Man Magazine. During that time he had the amazing opportunity to be in contact with the best world-renowned anti-ageing experts, fitness instructors, trainers and athletes, see the results of their hard work, learn their secrets and eventually, together with Becky, create the Old School New Body F4X system.

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old school new body f4xWhat Steve and Becky want you to understand is, that when it comes to weight loss, dietary plans and exercise, what most of today’s media does is misinform you. You don’t need to starve yourself or spend your life in the gym in order to achieve the body condition you desire, quite the opposite. There are 5 steps you need to follow to start losing weight, regain your health and slow down and even begin reversing your ageing process. The authors won’t lie to you and say those are five “easy” steps. This is not a book of magic tricks, it’s for people who are willing to work hard, challenge themselves and accomplish results. However, those results will be fast, efficient and safe. To embrace Steve’s program you have to:

  1. Forget Low Fat Diets: Fats are essential for your body, they are needed for regenerating power hormones and energy. Plus, the stress of constant worrying about your diet makes you age faster, not slower.
  2. Stop Spinning: You’re not achieving much, except the danger of increased free radicals, due to lengthy exercise.
  3. Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are: This is just an excuse. Both Steve and Becky are in their 50s and they, along countless others have proven that change can be made at all ages, people can look better and many years younger.
  4. Avoid Chronic Dehydration: Water helps you burn fat, it reduces hunger and it is necessary for the proper function of your kidneys and liver.
  5. Work Out Less: Working out is a must, or you’ll start losing more and more muscle tissue the older you get. But Steve and Becky’s experience has taught them that what really works is actually unbelievably simple – just four specific exercises (hard, but doable by anyone), performed in a certain way, just 90 minutes of your time a week.

The Old School New Body F4X has three phases and the great thing is, you can actually stop at any one of them and just maintain. First you get Lean – thanks to the exercise and nutrition plan you lose weight and get toned. Then you can Shape your muscles and finally, if you want more muscle mass – you Build it. All of the phases use variations of the same 4 exercises, regardless of your gender.

For a limited time only, Steve And Becky are offering the life-changing The Old School New Body F4X System ebook, along with FIVE bonus ebooks and hours of audio material, for just $27. Isn’t now the time to take up the challenge?

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