How Men Think When Falling in Love and Relationships

By | July 16, 2017

Sometimes, women will definitely have no idea of what goes on in the head of their men. If you are worried about that, then here is a compilation of how men think in relationships. Quite often, men have been termed as complicated creatures. It is hard to understand either why some say women are multifarious and difficult. Well, it is not so clear who between men and women is complicated than the other. To focus on men, you will realize one minute they love with passion, and next, they act as if you do not come from the same world. It is a common feature, particularly when you are courting. It can take you quite a duration to learn what run through the mind of a man.

You can ask several questions in silence as a woman, is my man happy? Is he comfortable being with me? Is he seeing another girl out there? Is he dumping me for his office secretary who sends him text messages every night? Okay, before you answer these questions and start freaking out over your man, take this opportunity to go through this article and learn about how men think in relationships.

hotel, travel, relationships, and sexual problems concept - upset man sitting on the bed with woman on the back

hotel, travel, relationships, and sexual problems concept – upset man sitting on the bed with woman on the back

You are more important than his regular friends

Men know well that his friends can sometimes be idiots. He knows how they live the life of a bachelor trying to pick some women who do not stick to them. The real truth is, your man is happy and feels proud to have you around him every single day. Men are aware of everything that their women do for them, they appreciate it though sometimes they do not say it.
So, know that your man loves you more than any other person and the only thing he wants is to make you happy. He will always come home when you ask him to regardless of what his friends tell him. Your man is wise.

Your Man is Terrified

First and foremost, a man in a relationship is terrified of engaging into a serious relationship. It is actually natural to question some of the decisions made by the other partner. Men are not so sure whether they have the right choice of a woman and feel some kind of pressure from his bachelor friends as well as his family members. Giving out his most valuable asset “his heart” to a woman is kind of a risk to be terrified about.

Men are Jealous

No matter what sort of relationship you and your man have, he probably will be jealous when you talk to or share a lough with another man. The fact is, your man wants to be the one to make you laugh and offer you everything. He wants to be everything to you, and any other guy who crosses that path brings the feeling of jealousy.
Your man will be jealous when you sit with any other guy, when you flirt around with your male friends and even when you burst out with laughs on another man’s joke, it will make him go nuts. It is all fear that he can lose your love, trust and company to another guy.

Men think they are Protectors

A Higher percentage of men in the relationship think of themselves as the protectors of their partners. From the primate days, men have been the protectors as well as hunters who go out to the forest to look for food while the woman takes the role of nurturing and foraging. If you embrace your man as your protector, be sure he will love you for that and be there for you always.
Generally, men like to please women, whether it is their girlfriends or just any attractive girl. Just give him the opportunity to help and protect you and he will fall for you for the reason that you made him feel like a real gentleman.

Men Think Every Compliment is true

One of the things a woman will never go wrong about is compliments. Men on the other hand, take it that all the compliments their women or any other beautiful lady addresses to them is true.
If you compliment a man, he will not doubt or take it as a lie. Unlike women, men will always believe what you address to them as a compliment. A man thinks a lot about women who compliment them, and they love them so much with lots of passion.


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