The Things Men Secretly Want From Women In a Relationship

By | July 16, 2017

Blame it on men’s innate lack of expressiveness, or their fear of being judged when letting their true feelings be known, but men are wired so that they do not completely reveal what they want. Sadly, the same is true for what they want in a relationship. If there would ever be a chance of having a warm, understanding and fulfilling romantic connection between you and your man, it is important that you have a clearer grasp of what men secretly want in a relationship.

A man and woman close together the man is looking over the woman's shoulder.

A man and woman close together the man is looking over the woman’s shoulder.

Here are some of the most important things men secretly want but do not tell their partners.

Respect Principle

Some would go as far as –a man would rather be respected than be loved. A kind of exaggeration, but to some point, shows the importance of respect a man gets from his woman. Getting their egos lessened and made them feel inadequate will have men feeling unwanted and resented.

Why can’t men say they want respect?

They fear that when they ask for respect from their partners, they come off as insecure and unconfident. They hesitate confronting women that they need respect because society decrees that a man is to be secure in himself in the face of whatever circumstance, especially in managing situations involving his woman.

Save him the trouble of confronting you about wanting respect and go ahead and acknowledge your man’s strengths and tell him how much you appreciate his entirety as a person.

A Secure and Confident Woman

Men want to be with a woman who has an entirely separate identity aside from being their partners. A woman should still have a life of her own whether her man is around or not. She should have her own passions, interests and the group of friends. Men feel that there is nothing better than being with someone who has her own opinions, aspirations, and dreams.

Why can’t men say they want a secure and confident woman?

Telling their partners that they want a secure and confident woman is quite risky. This might be misinterpreted, implying that they think their woman is not a complete person without them, and bickering may ensue.

Lead a full and satisfying life for your own fulfillment and watch the bond between you and your man blossom into the dream relationship you have always wanted. Be what men secretly want.

Say What You actually Feel or Mean

By nature, men are averse to any kind of manipulation. They are not mind readers and will most likely fail if you expect them to interpret the signs and signals that you vaguely give off. Say what you actually mean, say what you really feel. May it be saying how you want him to spend more time with you or saying what you want to have for dinner when out on a date. Be honest, keep open communications and see how complications lessen in your relationship.

Why can’t men tell their women to say what they feel or mean?

The fear of being thought of as suggesting their partner is dishonest is the main reason men cannot tell their women not to hold back what they feel or mean. Diffuse this potentially messy situation for the both of you by simply saying what you feel or what you want.

Make Them Feel Needed

Being needy and being a woman who makes his man feel needed are two very different things. One is based on insecurity and dependence while the other is based on encouragement and showing that you value your partner.

Men naturally want to be there for their women during their time of need. It makes men feel that they play a significant role in their significant other’s life. Being a needy and dependent woman just turns men off and makes them want to run for the hills.

Why can’t men tell their women to make them feel needed?

What men secretly want their woman to say is “I need your help.” Upon hearing this, men automatically feel like their woman’s hero, their knight in shining armor, if you will. A man is telling his woman that she should need his help every once in a while, is like spoiling the season-ender to your favorite TV series.

Reserve the words “I need your help” when you truly need your man’s help and watch your hero come to the rescue.

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