The Tips For Single Women Looking For Men

By | July 16, 2017

For the case of dating, there are finer details that both men and women look for. Single women looking for men pay interest to certain partialities such as a color of the eye or skin, fashion style, height, but all these are completely subjective to an individual. Just like men have things they want in their women, single ladies as well have qualities the wish to see in their prospective men.

Studies show that in some countries, women outnumber men and that is one of the reasons why the number of single females is larger. Despite the fact that there are lesser single men, single women still choose to be selective on the qualities of men they would like to date.

This article reveals some of the traits that single women consider when looking for a guy to date. Probably if you are a man, this article will help you know whether you are a dating material or not.

What Single Women Find Most Attractive in Men

single black woman jealous of interracial couple on dancefloor

single black woman jealous of interracial couple on dancefloor

1. Looks and Physical Appearance

Just like men, women need to be physically attracted to the men they go out with. They need to be comfortable around you and be okay with your looks throughout her time with you. Some of the single ladies did not just choose to remain single, they have not got the right man with the right looks to couple up with.

2. Sense of Humor

For you to impress your woman, one of the most important traits you need to possess is humor. Sense of humor is not just about cracking jokes all the time and making your girlfriend laugh, it is something that will see your relationship last for a longer term. Single Women looking for men needs to see this quality for them to fall in love.

The heart of a woman is complicated and if you can impress her, make her smile, feel comfortable with her jokes and also make her happy when she is sad, then you are the right guy. Life is not about peaches creams all the time; single women value most a man who possesses the ability to take, see and accept lighter side life. Anyway, what is the point in dating if you cannot make your partner laugh? You must be able to have fun with your woman.

3. Sensitivity

No single woman wishes to date a passive and dormant guy. They prefer to be in love with that guy who is tough and has a golden heart. For all the relationships that are possible, communication is the foundation stone and for that reason, a man needs to be a good listener and also empathize with his lady. A woman will love you more if you can put yourself in her shoes and also comfort her when things get tough. So to define sensitivity, a sensitive man is he who knows at least something about romancing a woman. Women want to be wooed throughout a relationship from courtship to marriage and in their entire lifetime.

4. Success

No woman will fall for a loser. All single women looking for men wants to get a winner. A man with a job, house for shelter is someone that has a drive and works hard. All these are ideal features for a relationship to happen. So, single men out there be responsible, hardworking and have your own thing. A woman will go for a successful man because, while with him, at least she will not starve or freeze. However, in the society we live in today, single women who have achieved their dreams do not bother to look deeper into that.

5. Intelligence

Another important feature every man should strive to have is intelligence, not just because it inspires the ability to be successful in the world, but because any reasonable lady with depth needs will only pay attention to a guy who is intelligent. You do not have to be like Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking to get the woman of your dreams. All you need is a proper multiplication, addition and construction of a sentence, and also get to understand what gravity is all about. Single women look for men with both cultural and academic knowledge.


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