How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Back With Text Messages

By | July 16, 2017

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how-to-get-your-ex-girlfriend-backDid you just break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Regardless did it happen one day ago, a week, a month or even more, you still want to get back together? Do you constantly ask yourself that question “How to get back together with my ex?” A question that also appears is how to create best texts to get your ex back.

Do you really want your ex back?

Most important thing is to establish do you really want this relationship again. If you have regrets for that breakup and want to reconcile, there are some things you need to pay attention. Therefore, if this is something you really want, it is crucial to make sure this mission does not fail and to achieve this, think about it carefully before acting on it. Still, don’t make a mistake in thinking this is some easy task. In most cases, it is not enough just to tell them you are sorry and just want them back. Yes, it usually doesn’t cut it. Depending on the reason of your breakup, also lies the final result, success or failure of your relationship in the future. Before you do so, it is important to establish how you really feel and what you want. Before you text your ex, you need to be certain is this person someone you want beside you. Otherwise, even if you get them back after the right message, old problems will not be resolved and after a while you will be in this situation again. Ask yourself is that what you really want. If you are not the person that made a mistake but your ex, do you think you can forgive him/her? Moreover, even more important, should you? It is needed for everyone to be in a healthy relationship, and of course you are not an exception. This term “healthy relationship” is not something hard to understand at all. It means to be with someone whom you respect and appreciate, and visa verse. This should not be one direction feeling, and you deserve more than that. If in your case you had all that, and it was you who made a mistake, then it is even more important to use SMS texting in a smart way. If you had that kind of person by your side and did something to destroy that, you need just the right message to send. Still, you need to be realistic about that relationship. You cannot expect just one SMS to resolve all issues you once had and that it will work like a magic stick for you too. Since like you probably know, there isn’t any relationship that is fairytale, and it needs work. However, anyway, if you want to get him or her back, SMS text can help.

You know the best what you did and how much you hurt that other person. Of course, if the situation is less severe, it is quite possible you will be able to repair just what you lost much easier. In any case, you have to deal with all these matters. Of course, one of your best allies is your cell phone. Sending text messages can present a huge help in having your happiness back. Still, it cannot also just take you few steps again, just like you did not do anything. No, actually it could be even worse, it can make it all ever worse than before those messages. So you need to pay attention how to do it smart. If you rush into this reconcile, it probably won’t have that happy ending you want. In this article, I want to give you some basic guidelines to resolve any dilemma you might have about texts to get your ex back.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Back With Text Messages

How much time do you need to wait before your first message?

I want to stress one important thing regarding best ways of creating texts to get your ex back. Before you send your message, wait a while. If you just broke up and it was not quite a nice breakup, it is not smart to send him message soon. If you do so, you will probably think that you are calmed down and objective. However, let be honest, you are not. Even if you are, what will happened when he text you back and just annoys you with his response? Last thing you need is another firework if this is something you want to save. Because of that, I suggest you wait. Many experts already said that it is smart to wait for one month. During that time, it would be a good idea to work on yourself for a while. And by that, I do not mean to go for a gym and spend your whole day there so you will not think about him. Of course, you can turn to some physical exercise, but also work on yourself in an emotional way. Put yourself first, figure out what you want and achieve it. Do what you enjoy, spend time with your friends, go out and meet some new folks. Maybe it is just what you need the most. If you let your impatience wins, it is most likely that your emotions will dictate what to say. And that cannot be good.

Your first message should not be one of those “empty” messages when you just send “Hi” and stare at your phone to see what will he write. You do not have to wait if you send such message. Let me say this in a more clear way. This is not a great way of writing texts to get your ex back. He will not send you message after that, or if he does, you will regret it. I mean, what could he even reply to something like that? Hi and leave me alone? Well, if you want this response, go ahead. Otherwise, think twice and send something better.

What messages you can send?

These are some of the messages you can send:

  • I am sorry we grew apart, I want us to get back together.
  • I still miss you, and I would love if we could meet these days.
  • I am thinking of you, can you please forgive me?
  • I love you even more and can’t stop thinking about you. Please respond.
  • I made a huge mistake when I allowed myself to loose the best thing I ever had. Please come back to me.
  • I want to us to try one more time. If you give me a chance, I will never disappoint you again.
  • I cannot believe I lost the only person that made me feel so in love. Can we get back together?
  • I know I am not perfect, but I will always do my best to be that for you. Can you give me one last chance?
  • I know I did not show you, my love, as much as you wanted me to. I promise that will change if you want me back.

Alternatively, you can also send messages about some event that reminded you of something you experienced together. These are some examples:

  • I went yesterday for a jogging. Remember times how you joked me I run worse than a turtle?
  • I was on Nickelback’s concert yesterday. Remember the first time we hear our song?
  • I went out with my friends tonight in the bar where we met. Remember how shy and confused I was?

These are some guidelines on how to write texts to get your ex back. Just remember, do this if you are absolutely certain you want your ex back. Moreover, if you succeed, pay attention to problems that grew you apart and sorted them out so it would not happen again.

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